Uniform Requirements

We want pupils to take pride in being part of our academy. Therefore, we promote the wearing of a school uniform for all age groups. The recommended uniform that we ask all parents to provide for their children consists of:-

  • FS/KS1 – White polo shirt with logo and Blue V neck jumper with logo
  • KS2 – White Shirt, school tie and Blue V neck jumper with Academy Logo
  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore/shalwa kamzeez
  • Grey tights Girls Only
  • Hijab in Grey/White/Blue (plain only)
  • Black Shoes (no trainers)

Tracksuit bottoms or jeans for example are NOT allowed.

High heels, backless sandals or platform soles are not suitable.

Polo shirts and sweatshirts, which have the school logo on, can be ordered directly from the school office or ordered through the Tesco Embroidery Service.

PE Kit Essentials

Children will also need a PE kit. Although each class will normally have PE on given days each week, we recommend that PE kits are kept at school to allow for changes at short notice. The recommended PE kit consists of:-

  • Blue T Shirt with school logo
  • Shorts or leggings
  • PE Slippers or plimsolls

As you can appreciate most children’s uniforms will be very similar to those of other children. We would therefore ask that all items being brought into school be clearly marked or named for ease of identification should anything get lost or simply mixed up. This should also be done for items such as coats, shoes and lunch boxes, even though they may be more easily identifiable to you, as it will still help the school.


When playing, running about or working it is all too easy for something to catch on an earring and cause a serious injury. The following should be noted:-

  • Studs only should be worn
  • These must be removed for PE and games

Staff are not permitted to remove earrings, so the child must be able to remove and replace their own earrings. A failure to be able to do this will preclude the child from that part of the curriculum.

Children are responsible for their own earrings, especially when they are not being worn.

Uniform Embroidery Service

Byron Wood are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Tesco to provide a high quality, low cost solution to supply your child’s school uniform.

Sweatshirts with the school emblem are available from £6.50 and polo shirts from £3.75.

From time to time Tesco offer clothes at a discounted rate so look out for the discount codes.  They also donate 5% of the sales to the school so as well as getting uniform at a good price you get to help the school as well.

Orders can take between 7-14 days to arrive once the order has been placed, but during busy periods; new school year, this may take longer.

Bryon Wood School Embroidery Service