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Woodwork Club

Byron Wood’s year 6’s recently had a very exciting and unique opportunity. They were invited to apply to participate in a wood work course run by John McMahon’s School of Fine Woodwork. The programme was to include designing, building, assembling, painting and finally racing two go-karts.

Everyone in year six was invited to apply in writing to join the course. 11 children’s applications were selected, and they were divided into two teams. The children used Computer Aided Design (CAD) to assist them in shaping, smoothing and drilling the component parts of each go-kart. The children needed to apply their maths skills to do so; carefully marking out the timber before cutting out the pieces. They learned to use hand and power tools (including: power drills, jigsaws, planes, coping saws, wrenches and others) in a safe and accurate way.

Once the components had been made, they were assembled and painted. Finally, it was time to race them! Everyone had a few turns whizzing down the hill on the field behind school. All in all, the two teams shared a creditable draw, and everyone was presented with a certificate of achievement by the woodwork school. Everybody involved had created something they could be truly proud of!